Futurist.  I make things work better.

Some brief stats:

  • I vary between ENFJ  (Protagonist) and INTJ (Architect); I’m a dead-center ambivert.  Since there are decades of evidence showing problems with the MBTI, here are my Big Five traits:
    [O 90, C 25, E 53, A 90, N 4]

    and my HEXACO traits:

    Honesty-Humility 2.75
       Sincerity       4.25, Fairness 4.00,
       Greed-Avoidance 1.00, Modesty  1.75
    Emotionality 2.88
       Fearfulness 2.25, Anxiety        2.75,
       Dependence  2.25, Sentimentality 4.25
    eXtraversion 4.00
       Social Self-Esteem 4.75, Social Boldness 3.50,
       Sociability        3.50, Liveliness      4.25
    Agreeableness 3.75
       Forgiveness 4.25, Gentleness 4.00,
       Flexibility 3.00, Patience   3.75
    Conscientiousness 3.75
       Organization  4.00, Diligence 3.75,
       Perfectionism 3.75, Prudence  3.50
    Openness to Experience 4.13
       Aesthetic Appreciation 3.50, Inquisitiveness   3.75,
       Creativity             4.50, Unconventionality 4.75
    Altruism 5.00


  • I find IQ tests severely lacking in both their accuracy and coverage.  I vastly prefer Thomas Armstrong’s accessible introduction to Howard Gardner’s “Multiple Intelligences” research, as it’s far more useful.  My personal stats (out of 10):  Music 10, Logic 9.5, Intrapersonal 8.5, Linguistic 8.5, Spacial 8, Kinesthetics 7, Interpersonal 6, Naturalist 6 (estimated), Existential 8 (estimated)

  • I have a 30-year plan I use for guidance on how to invest my time and energy.

  • I’m a polymath; my hobbies range all over the map, from organic chemistry to quantum physics, from music as a language for emotion to augmented reality, from the human singularity to 6000-piece sand dune puzzles.

  • I rank near the extreme end (~90%) of the Sensory Processing Sensitivity spectrum.

  • The emerging field of Value Dynamics is a huge passion for me; it is the “physics” that underlies all of our actions and motivations, but it’s still so poorly understood by most people.  That’s why I’m writing a book on it.

  • What I’m best at is Business Strategy with a high-precision technical focus, integrating economics, politics, social, and technology efficiently.

  • I have a super power.  Of course, it comes with a super weakness.  Don’t they all?