5 Tech Accessories I Recommend Buying Multiple Of

I saw an article come through my feeds earlier (http://www.businessinsider.com/useful-tech-accessories-2017-5/), and was confused by its apparent complete obliviousness of anything outside of the Apple ecosystem. ┬áMost of the list was really only useful if you use Macs, and the article didn’t even mention that, for the majority of us on PCs (something like 90%), 4 of the 5 items listed won’t work, or won’t work well. ┬áSo, for the majority of us who don’t use Macs, or don’t use them exclusively, here’s my alternate list:

  1. Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, $49 from Amazon. This thing really is the best thing since sliced bread, and is the default keyboard for every PC in Microsoft, as well as many other companies. The angles are perfect for reducing repetitive stress and strain. I’ve purchased nearly a dozen of these over the years.
  2. Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball, $28 from Amazon. This thing uses the thumb, which doesn’t use the carpal tunnel, and takes a week or two to get used to, but after that, you can’t imagine how you lived without it. Again, I’ve purchased nearly a dozen of these over the years.
  3. Eero’s mesh network routers. These things are brilliant, if expensive. Coming in at around $130 each on Amazon (if you get a 3-pack), they’re only really needed if you have a LOT of wifi devices and have throughput difficulty for some or all of them. When you need them, though, they’re dead easy to set up, and work.
  4. Almost any glasses with what’s often called a “driver’s tint” will work here, and most places that sell glasses have them or can apply a coating. It definitely reduces glare, both when staring at screens, and when driving on bright days.
  5. Amazon Basics. Just in general, not any specific item. They’re about the cheapest you’ll find anywhere, while also being high quality. Pretty much all my cables, chargers, etc. are Amazon Basics.

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