Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Idea:  Magic Mirror

This would be a large screen (24″-50″) that has an embedded camera or cameras hidden behind the screen or at least four around the outside edges.  It will have a core of software in it that puts up a “reflection”, as a normal mirror would, but with the ability to have additional apps that make use of deep learning tools built-in.  Apps could then be written for it to modify the processing of the image, and for linked tablets so that a second person could more easily control various features of the app without obstructing the view.

I expect a popular app would be a multi-layer makeup app, loaded with one or more specific makeup vendors’ products, that not only shows how various forms of application would look but also takes into account other features like how oily or dry your skin is in specific areas, etc.  It could have a connected tablet app as well that allows for the control and adjustment of various features.  I could see this being used both in makeup counters as well as sold to more affluent customers, auto-updating with each vendor’s new products as they come out.

It could also be highly useful to have “plastic surgery” apps for different parts of the body, allowing doctors and patients to work together on a “live” view of what the specific results of different surgeries would end up looking like.  A snapshot feature (with a warning that it is only an estimation) could allow the patient to take home several options if they’re having trouble deciding, and also help the doctor both ensure that they remember exactly what they’re doing during the surgery (they’re only human, after all), as well as remind the patient what they specifically requested and agreed to (it happens).

Tons more uses for this.  Idea available for free use, provided I’m credited as the source.  It also wouldn’t hurt to put me on your Board (Directors or Advisors, I’m not picky), given you’re using my idea, but it’s not absolutely necessary.  (:

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